Hot Vibes Interview with Brad

Hot Vibes: If you had to choose between having a Grammy award and having a platinum CD which one would you choose and why?
Brad: Um, that’s a good question, I mean I already have a platinum CD. But if I didn’t have either one I would probably say a platinum CD because a Grammy award doesn’t necessarily mean your going to sell any records. Id rather sell some records and have the chance for financial security rather than just having an award sitting on the shelf.

Whats the weirdest thing a fan has thrown onstage during a show?
Um, probably a tampon, maybe.

What are your thoughts about the terrorist attacks, and was anyone you know directly effected by it?
Well obviously I am deeply saddened by the attacks it actually happened on my birthday so I’m not going to be able to celebrate my birthday the same again. I’m really proud to see the way Americans come together. I’ve always been patriotic and I love America, I’ve been to several different countries and I’ve always felt that nothing compares to America. So I’ve always been proud to be an American and I’m even prouder now seeing the way Americans come together. I think were all indirectly effected by the attacks a friend of mines brother passed away, and a friend of mines uncle passed away. But um, nobody that’s very, very close to me, thank goodness. But my thoughts go to the people who lost loved ones.

What was your inspiration for writing “Suzies Pillow,” the hidden track on Life Is Good?
A friend of mine who I grew up with named Jason, its about his life. It just kinda inspired me. Inspirations are always beautiful . It makes the song romantic as sung by wedding bands Melbourne .

What’s the best gift you’ve received from a fan?
An autographed pictured of Carol O Connor.

How did you choose which songs were going to be on the album, “Life Is Good,” considering you wrote so many for that CD?
Well we sat together with our record company and our management and kinda weeded through them all and decided which ones would make it. Everybody had different opinions, when it comes down to it our record company has the most say in it to whats staying on the record. I think if we were all choosing separately there would be three different albums, but for the most part were satisfied with this one.

When you look at a girl whats the first thing you notice about her?
That all depends, physically usually her face.

With the release of the album “Life is Good” you have reached a more mature growth from “Summer Girls” and your old album. Do you feel the fan base is changing? And has the response been good?
The fans response has been excellent, and it seems like we’ve have the same fans we’ve always had and we seem to have a lot more guys coming to the show now. College aged people also, which is cool because were very much like the people who come to our shows. Were just pretty normal people but its nice to see a vast age range at our show.

I know there were a lot of girls at your hotel this weekend for the show you did in Mass because I bumped into you there. The fans wanna know… would you ever date one of them?

What was it like working with De La Soul? And is there anyone you’d like to work with for future songs?
Having De La Soul on our record is pretty much an honor because Rich and I grew up listening to hip hop so we feel very honored to have them on the album. As far as working with people in the future, I’m not really sure, its hard to say, I mean I would have loved to work with Kurt Cobain while he was still alive.

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