Being an entrepreneur in a place like the United Kingdom is at times interesting and at times challenging. Having one of the largest economies in the world has some perks, but it can also be a test. First off, the UK business community is a large one. This opens plenty of doors for competition. The market can be tough. As such, building a strong relationship with fellow entrepreneurs is essential if the goal is not only to survive but to succeed and last long as well.

With this thought in mind, we created BBC Resistance. We are an exclusive group of entrepreneurs striving to make a good life in the United Kingdom. We hold regular meetings and organize events and activities that enable us to help each other survive in the tough UK business community.

We exchange ideas and suggestions. We share tips. We help each other grow professionally and as individual persons. Our main goal is to build a solid community of entrepreneurs with common goals; a community that celebrates victories and learns from mistakes.

BBC Resistance is exclusive only to entrepreneurs who are willing to explore, discover, and learn even in the most difficult of situations. We are a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a better world for everyone by offering world-class and relevant products and services.